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Product of love from 🇳🇴 &🇨🇭

Ice bath smart timer to discover your benefits safely.

And because we want one.

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Ice bathing today is like running without knowing time / distance spent running.

See when your benefits happen
find exact time & water temperature and track benefits in app

Keep yourself safe
with breath guides, sound/light alarms, built in flashlight and SOS mode

Brag about Share it
with community, be part of the ice-bath world map or simply be accountable.

Sauna mode for capturing contrast therapy effects.

More than a bath timer...

So, in summary:


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Estimate price: 120$
Price will depend on your configuration and accessories
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Q3 2024

Product of love from 🇳🇴 &🇨🇭


When will the Bobber ship?